Newsletter for Buyers Ode Apartments February 2023

21 februari '23

Topics in this newsletter:
1. Opening of meter boxes in corridors
2. Wednesday, 22 February: coating of parking spaces
3. Introducing: Roelie, the service manager
4. Transfer of public space to municipality
5. Waste containers
6. Commissioning 2nd lift
7. Furnishing entrance Ode Apartments
8. Date of next newsletter

1. Opening of Meter Boxes in Corridors

Due to the installation of a remote readout module and the occasional replacement of valves in the heat exchanger by Equans, please do not lock the meter boxes in the corridors for the next 2 weeks. This will enable Equans staff to carry out the work without having to call you to open the meter box.

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2. Wednesday, 22 February: coating of parking spaces

On Wednesday, 22 February, they will start applying the coating on the private parking spaces as per the image below. Please park your car elsewhere in the garage for the rest of the week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).

Parking spaces on the east side of the Ode Apartments car park are available for parking. On the map below, the Ode parking spaces are shaded in purple, the white parking spaces on the right will be freely available during these three days (provided they are not being used to store construction waste).

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3. Introducing: Roelie, the service manager

You may have already met Roelie, your service manager. Due to work in the entrance, she is not able to work here yet. Her desk is temporarily at -1 until the entrance area is ready. She also regularly walks around the building.

Roelie is on site Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. During that time, she can also be reached by email and telephone. Should you have any questions for her or wish to pass on your deliveries to her through the entrance, she can be reached in the following manner:
By email: [email protected] or by phone: 0031 657 24 38 87

Outside the above times, Butler Point will let residents know (via voicemail and placards on site, etc.) where all residents can go and who they can contact for urgent matters. These signs will be made before the weekend and then put up at the site.

Key Ownership
At a certain point there will be a key safe (expected in two to four weeks) where residents can hand in their keys and Roelie can keep them. Until then, Roelie can collect keys from residents during her presence on site. Keys can be handed in to Roelie by residents from 8:00 a.m. and should be collected by 12:00 p.m.

Please note: Roelie is under no circumstances responsible or liable for any damage or theft concerning the key or the resident's home.

4. Transfer of Public Space to Municipality

This week, the public space will be transferred to the municipality. After delivery to the municipality, the site will be taken into use and the construction fences will be removed. Would you like to use a crane or forklift in the context of your move? You will need to apply for a permit through the municipality in order to do this. They will also ensure that cranes are not all scheduled on the site at the same time.

Please note! In the context of the completion of the work in the entrance, we will try to spare this area as much as possible until Friday, 3 March. We therefore request that deliveries through the entrance be delayed as much as possible until after the entrance is handed over to the Owner's Association.

5. Waste Containers

The City of Amsterdam has indicated that the waste containers will be placed on Oosterdokskade in week 9 (week of 27 February). These containers are for small-scale household waste. Your subcontractors should clean up and take away their own construction waste. Aalberst's waste container is expressly prohibited for your own contractor's and/or suppliers' waste. We kindly ask that you make them aware of this.

6. Commissioning the 2nd Lift

Next Friday, 24 February, the 2nd lift will be inspected. After approval, the protection on the inside of the lift will be installed on Monday, 27 February so that this lift can also be put into operation.
Please note! Due to the completion of work in the ground floor entrance, we are trying to spare this area as much as possible until Friday, 3 March. We therefore request that deliveries through the entrance be delayed as much as possible until after the entrance is handed over to the Owner's Association.

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7. Furnishing of Entrance Ode Apartments

The interior architecture firm Ontwerpplek has created a design for the entrance to Ode Apartments. The furniture has been ordered and the fabrics have picked out at Lensvelt Furniture Design. The entrance will be furnished in May 2023. 

8. Date of next newsletter

We will email the next newsletter to you around the end of March 2023.