Newsletter to buyers Ode Apartments November 2022

1 november '22

Topics covered in this newsletter:

  1. Progress
  2. Due dates and invoices
  3. Saturday 3 December 9 a.m.-1 p.m.: last measuring opportunity for suppliers
  4. Prognosis for delivery of common spaces and apartments
  5. Several parking places left for sale
  6. First meeting of Owner’s Association
  7. Schedule for next newsletter

1. Progress

Work has started on the finishing of the corridors on the different floors; here, wall and floor tiles are now being installed as are wooden wall and ceiling panels.

The finishing work on the storage rooms has also started. In the apartments, work has begun on finishing the electric and plumbing.

Outside, the construction of the tree bunkers has begun. It is an innovative system with water buffering for optimal growth potential and trees are to be planted on the parking deck.

See the attached pictures of the progress inside and outside.


2. Due dates and invoices

Term 8 was invoiced in week 43 (Wednesday, October 26) to buyers of the building numbers

20 through 42. These buyers also received a credit note for the compensation for missing hot water piping.  Did you miss this invoice? Check your spam folder. If you have any questions about the invoice, please address them, quoting 'Ode Apartments' and your construction number, to [email protected]

Building numbers 1 through 19 will receive their invoice in early November. You will pay the last instalment 9 before handover (key transfer) of the apartment.

3. Saturday 3 December 9 a.m.-1 p.m.: last measuring opportunity for suppliers

As mentioned in our September newsletter, we would like to offer you and your suppliers one more opportunity to measure the home.

Unfortunately, given all the finishing work in the corridors, it is not possible to make individual appointments outside this day. This is due to the risk of damage and disruption to the works yet to be completed. As such, we will not permit this.

We offer you the opportunity to drop by with your suppliers and interior architect on Saturday 3 December between 09:00 and 13:00.

The doors open at 9:00 a.m. and close at 1:00 p.m. Please be on time.

There is no need to sign up in advance but you can simply drop by and enter the construction site via the Oosterdokskade entrance, next to the Conservatory. There you will receive blue shoe covers which you can deposit in the designated waste bucket afterwards.

Please note! We would urge you to bring only your suppliers and not friends, family or acquaintances, so that your visit is limited only to your own apartment and does not lead to a viewing of the complex.

4. Prognosis for delivery of common spaces and apartments

The prognosis of the September newsletter remains valid. We will list it again for you:
The common areas will not be completed before the end of January 2023.
This means that the apartments will only be available after this date.
The preview of the houses will take place from about week 4 -2023.
For now, the forecast is delivery of apartments from early February 2023.

Delivery prognosis:
Floors 9 and 8 (building numbers 34 through 42) – week 6
Floors 7 and 6 (building numbers 24 through 33) – week 7
Floors 5 and 4 (building numbers 23 through 15) – week 8
Floors 3 and 2 (building numbers 6 through 14) – week 9
Floor 1 (building numbers 1 through 5) – week 10

Please note! The above is still a forecast from which you cannot derive any rights.
Keep this in mind when scheduling deliveries of floors, kitchens, etc. for your apartment and reserve enough time.
Perhaps good to know: considering the contractor’s liability, nothing may be placed in the home before delivery.

5. Several parking places left for sale

In the Oosterdokseiland car park, on the same floor as the parking spaces for Ode Apartments, the last five spaces are for sale further down the garage. These can, after notary transfer, be used immediately.

The price of a parking space is €80,000 k.k. (through 31 December 2022 with 8% real estate transfer tax). If you are interested and would like to know where the parking spaces are located in the garage, please contact Judith van Gelder at email address [email protected]

6. First meeting of Owner’s Association

The first meeting of the Owners' Association took place on Monday, October 3. Many of the buyers were present for this.

Els Huurneman of Newomij VvE Beheer mailed the minutes to all buyers last week, 43.

The intention of the first meeting was mainly to form the board and the audit committee, as well as to make some decisions. It is a nice and positive development that about four buyers have come forward to take up board and committee duties!

The audit committee is now well-staffed with two members. The board does seek further expansion; it would be nice if one or two people would make themselves available for this purpose.

Do you have any questions about this or would you like to register?

You can do this with Els at: [email protected]

7. Schedule for next newsletter

To keep you up-to-date during this period towards completion, we will again mail you a newsletter before the Christmas break in week 52-2022 and week 1-2023 with the latest state of affairs.