Newsletter for buyers of Ode Apartments September 2022

30 september '22

Topics in this newsletter:

  1. Progress
  2. Due dates and invoices
  3. Measuring moments suppliers
  4. Completion process
  5. Forecast regarding completion of common areas and apartments
  6. Meeting of Owners' Association
  7. Next newsletter

1. Progress

On floors 7 to 9, the contractor is finishing the corridors. The battens for the ceilings and walls have been fitted. The wooden ceiling will be fitted to the wooden battens, and the walls will have wooden cladding with a walnut veneer finish. The walls without wooden cladding will be finished with marble-look ceramic tiles, as will the floor. The doors of the technical rooms will also be installed in the corridor.

In the apartments on the upper floors, the tiling has been (partly) done and the plastering is finished. The meter cabinets have also been fitted.

On floors 4 to 6, the baths are now being installed; the tiles are already in the parking basement waiting to be fitted once all the preliminary work in the sanitary areas is done. In the parking basement, the parking spots have been delineated and the first charging station has been installed.

Below are some impressions of the floors and basement.

2. Due dates and invoices

Instalments 1 to 7 have now been invoiced to all buyers. As the contractor is in the process of completing the tiling, term 8 will also be invoiced soon. Globally, you can assume the following schedule:

  • Floors 9 to 6 (construction numbers 24 to 42) - week 40 invoice
  • Floor 5 (construction numbers 20 to 23) - week 41 invoice
  • Floor 4 (construction numbers 15 to 19) - week 42 invoice
  • Floor 3 (construction numbers 11 to 14) - week 43 invoice
  • Floor 2 (construction numbers 6 to 10) - week 44 invoice
  • Floor 1 (construction numbers 1 to 5) - week 45 invoice

You will pay the last instalment (9) before handover (key transfer) of the apartment.

3. Measuring moments

For virtually all the floors, we have offered the opportunity for the rooms to be measured by your suppliers, for kitchens, flooring, window coverings and other contracting work. Only the 1st and 2nd floors will have another measurement moment at the end of September.

As the finishing of the corridors has now started and we want to avoid damage to the finishing work, no more appointments can be made to view the apartments.

We will, however, plan one more opportunity in November, probably on a Saturday, when all buyers can bring their suppliers to measure for the last time.

The date is not known yet; it depends on the progress in the corridors and apartments per floor.

We would like to kindly but firmly urge you not to try to make any more appointments outside the aforementioned times; we cannot cooperate with this. 

4. Completion process

Pre-completion inspection:

A pre-completion inspection is always carried out before completion of the apartments. This takes place about 2-3 weeks before completion. During the pre-completion inspection, you will have the opportunity to check whether your apartment has been built as agreed. At the time of the pre-completion inspection, your apartment is not 100 per cent ready.

For example, it may be the case that not all the plumbing is ready or the contractor may still need to finish certain aspects. Nevertheless, the pre-completion inspection takes place so that any imperfections can be resolved before delivery if necessary.

Normally, a pre-completion inspection is scheduled for about 1.5 hours and you can walk through the apartment yourself to check for any defects or discrepancies. We recommend that you, as buyer, have the construction number drawing and the total overview of the additional work and less work on hand. Should there be any defects, please record them on the designated form. Make sure to take a photo (copy) of the form, as this form will be handed over to the site manager. The implementation team will then check the points and correct them if necessary before completion.

We are often asked whether it is useful to bring a structural engineer along to the pre-completion inspection. We advise against this, as the property is not fully completed during the pre-completion inspection and therefore a partial, sometimes unaccompanied, inspection takes place. If you would like to have your property checked by a structural engineer, you can call in an expert during completion. All issues identified during completion are compiled and noted as completion items on the completion form. The contractor then has 3 months to rectify these defects/imperfections.

The common areas will be delivered to the owners' association before completion of the apartments. This is necessary because the transfer and liability must be handed over to you, the buyers, before you move in.

The common areas are then followed by the apartments. Completion of these will proceed from top to bottom at about 2 floors per week.

5. Forecast regarding completion of common areas and apartments

The goal was to finish before Christmas '22. Unfortunately, this is not going to be possible.

Causes include delays in utility connections resulting in a later start on finishing the common areas and an overall problem with delivery of materials and the delay with the ground level layout causing logistical challenges. Naturally, we are on top of this but the forecast will have to be adjusted taking into account the Christmas shutdown in week 52-2022 and week 1-2023.

The common areas will not be completed until the end of January 2023.

This means that the apartments will only be completed after that.

The pre-completion inspection of the apartments will take place from about week 6 -2023.

For now, the forecast is completion of apartments from early February 2023.

Completion forecast: 

  • Floors 9 and 8 (construction numbers 34 - 42) – week 6
  • Floors 7 and 6 (construction numbers 24 - 33) – week 7
  • Floors 5 and 4 (construction numbers 23 - 15) – week 8
  • Floors 3 and 2 (construction numbers 6 - 14) – week 9
  • Floor 1 (construction numbers 1 - 5) – week 10

Please note! The above is still a forecast, and no rights may be derived from it.

Keep this in mind when planning deliveries of floors, kitchens, etc. for your apartment and leave plenty of room in your schedule.

Perhaps good to know: in view of the contractor's liability, absolutely nothing can be put in the apartments ahead of completion.

6. Meeting of Owners' Association

By now, you will have received an invitation from Newomij for the first general members' meeting on 3 October 2022 at 8 PM in the Sluisdeurenloods at Mediamatic on Dijksgracht 6 in Amsterdam.

Please note! Please note that the foot/bicycle bridge from Oosterdokskade past Hannekes Boom will be closed during this period. To reach Mediametic, it is best to take the stairs or lift up directly behind the Villa Ode project office (corner of De Ruijterkade 154 /Oosterdokskade 200) on the IJ side and cross the water along Piet Heinkade.         On the other side of the water, you can go down again to get to Mediamatic.

7. Next newsletter

To keep you up-to-date during this period heading towards completion, we will email you another newsletter at the end of October/beginning of November with the latest updates.